“Rotten” is another direct result of my personal fascination with pareidolia.   How does reality twist and turn within the mind so that random objects appear as something else?  For each of us, I believe reality is blurred by contextual interpretation.  I might see a ghost or a poodle, you might see an old man and a howling dog.  Whatever you see in these photos, the subject, in reality, is simply a piece of banana cut up and left to rot…or is it?  

The physical substance is most certainly a banana.  It is a culmination of molecules that form a common fruit but that is only half of it.  So what is the other half?  That is up to you.  All of us are first defined by our physical appearance but what about our souls?  How are they defined?   By prejudice?  By Love?  By Hate? 

Neither wrong or right, it is who we are that dictates what we see.  

2022 "Monochrome" Curated Exhibit PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary