"Singularities, Contradiction, Isolation and Betrayal - These are the things that stare back at me."  


   - L. J. Blanksma


I re-discovered photography several years ago when I decided to become sober.   With idle hands and a bottle never too far away, I dove into the medium with the idea of staying busy.  It did more than that. Photography became my therapy.  The recesses of my dark mind began to ooze into the shadows of each photograph.  There are no flowers here.  No mountain ranges or oceans crashing upon the beach at dawn.  Instead, each image is part of my ongoing, never-ending, catharsis in which I attempt to see the beauty through all the bad.


Stylistically, I am not a literal photographer nor technically savvy.  Each picture I take ends up with a lith-like, chiaroscuro quality that goes against the grain of a good exposure.  I can't help it.  It is what is in my head.  Sobriety has changed my life for the better but my soul still dwells in the darkness.