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When I came to the Pacific Northwest, 

photographing portraits of goats and other farm animals was a dream of mine.  As an introvert, this was a bit lofty. Then, one day, a chance meeting and conversation lead to Argos Farms in Montesano, Washington.  What followed can be seen here.  Not only have I made new friends (both human and otherwise), I have embraced another world of photography.  Instead of focusing on the darkness of my own inner thoughts, I was now focusing on something extraordinary and beautiful.

That said, I still can’t remove myself from the process.  Each of these photos are haunted to some extent by my past but their beauty still manages to shine through. It cannot be hidden….even through my eyes.

I could not end this without offering my gratitude.  I am forever indebted to the kindness and generosity of Renee and Dan Taylor of Argos Farms and to Tiffany, their niece, who introduced me to their profound world.   They were willing to let a stranger roam their pastures and co-mingle with their herds and for that, I am deeply grateful.   Also, I need to give thanks to the love of my life, Mike, who, without complaint, dragged around my camera gear and patiently played decoy with the goats, horses and turkeys.   

So that is how I got here.  And now, this is where I go….I hope you enjoy the Stars of “Argos.” 

"Bully" and "Regrets" 2023 Animalia Curated Exhibit Photoplace Gallery

"The Fields" 2022 Single Image Award

Black and White Magazine

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