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Evil is most powerful when it hides behind the mask of goodness.  It flourishes in hope and conceals itself in love.  It is the voice of God spoken by the devil.  It's a lover, a family member or a helpful stranger.  It is innocence destroyed.


Lost represents a symbolic portrait of abuse in many of it's most nefarious forms. Handed down or triggered by extraordinary events, some people seek to destroy the goodness in others. Human nature takes an evil turn and in it's wake are the unlucky.  


Abuse was part of my upbringing and it's  perversion has left scars. This came into light (again) when searching the desert for photo ops.  Instead of looking up, I found myself trolling the dirt looking for broken, abandoned dolls.  I soon began bringing some of them home and eventually, I started telling their stories as I imagined them to be - Unlucky and Lost. 

If you are a victim of abuse, and need help, please visit for a list of organizations that can provide assistance.

2023 "Edge of Humanity" Online magazine feature 

2023 "Scene and Meaning: The Art of Photography", Curated Exhibit, PH21 Gallery/Valid World Hall Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


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